My band would like to play at The Forum, who do I speak to? Please read this page and send us an email!

What are our opening hours? The majority of shows run from 7.30pm and finish at approximately 11pm. Please check opening times for each individual show on the website to be safe.

Is it possible to use The Forum for events outside of these hours? Of course. We can open at weekends until 1am but this will effect your age restrictions. Best to discuss this with us at

How do I get there? If you are coming by train, we are no more than 5 minutes walk from Tunbridge Wells rail station. There are also buses that stop regularly just outside the venue, please consult local bus guides. If you come by car, we advise the use of a satellite navigation system. They are very useful. Our postcode is TN4 8YU

Is The Forum an accessible venue? Please read all our info on accessibility here.

Can I do work experience with you? We are all volunteers at The Forum and work irregular hours, often late into the night at shows and remotely from our own personal computers as we don't have an office – unfortunately we don't have the resources to facilitate formal work experience.

Can I take photos of bands at The Forum? Ticket-holders are welcome to bring their own cameras to take photos of local shows. To take photos of touring bands you will need to contact their PR and request press list– this isn't something we can help with. If you're interested in taking photos at The Stable events please let us know in advance.

Whats the capacity? Our capacity is 250

Can I buy tickets on the telephone? Yes. Our main ticket partner is Ticketweb. They have a ticket hotline number which is 08444 771 000. We do not keep tickets at the venue and do not sell them directly.

I want to go to a show but it's sold out, will there be tickets on the door/can I go on the guestlist? Nope. Due to the physical and load-bearing nature of walls, we are finding it increasingly difficult to raise the capacity of certain shows without the roof falling in. Thus we can only offer a finite number of tickets to shows. Occasionally this means we sell out of tickets, or we are “SOLD OUT” of tickets to coin a phrase. It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just there isn’t enough room sorry. We continue to work on a solution.

Do you have a waiting/returns list for sold out shows? Nope. Your best bet will be to check the Facebook event/our Twitter page (@twforum) for anyone reselling their tickets. Good luck!

I left something, can I come and collect it? You can come and collect it when we are next open (check our listings), just send us an email to let us know what you left and when you'll be collecting it. We are a small venue with little storage space so we can only hold your items for a week.

Can I hire the venue? Please see info on venue hire here.

I am a promoter and I want to put on a night, how do I go about this? Please send us an email with what you would like to do at the venue. We would be keen to know what you have done previously and see some links to those nights. Please understand that we would love to work with everyone but we need to make sure that its going to be a good show.

What equipment can The Forum provide? We will provide bands with the PA, mics and stands that would be required. We have a number of DIs but sometimes its not enough. If you believe you are going to require more please notify us beforehand. All bands will need to ensure they bring their own backline. We do not have amps or drumkits to lend. If you have a show coming up, perhaps contact the other bands on your show and ask if you can share.

Where can I park to load into the venue? You can park in Castle Road behind the venue from 4pm onwards on the evening of the show. It is a 30 metre walk from the venue.

Do you have a backstage area? Yes we do. We have a room behind the stage. However, you cant see the other bands from there. We would suggest standing out front.

Can we use our own sound engineer? Of course you can, we do have some well trained and well groomed folks that are very good at doing this particular job and will be attendance on the night of your show whether you use them or not. Remember, they have been engineering bands at this venue for some time and can make it sound good. Just a tip.

How old do I need to be to get in? The forum is a 16+ venue. However anyone below that age is still allowed to come providing they are accompanied by a supervising adult. On occasion, some events have an 18+ policy so keep an eye on the website just in case. We do require anyone under the age of 21 to bring ID. We have a challenge 21 policy at our bar.

Can I bring my own drinks into the venue? Nope.

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