Due to the current situation and the temporary closure of the venue, we are currently rescheduling as many shows as we can for later on in the year/next year via email. The new dates will be announced over the next few days and weeks. Ticket buyers will be contacted.
If you have a ticket for a postponed show, that ticket will still be valid for the reschduled date and there is no need to have one reissued. If you can't make the new date and would like a refund please email and we will instruct the ticket company to make the refund as soon as we can. Money will be returned to you within a few working days of you contacting us.



When you purchase a ticket from our website you will be directed to a ticket agency/vendor website to complete your transaction. This could be MUSICGLUE, SEETICKETS, TICKETWEB or another affiliated company. You will be sent a ticket in a .pdf format via the email you provided. In some cases this may go to a Junk folder on your email.

You will not receive a physical ticket in the post.

The ticket vendor adds a booking fee on top of the advertised ticket price. This is added to cover their costs. We as a venue do not have the computing power or resources to offer tickets directly, sorry.


Please bring a copy of the e-ticket or purchase confirmation with you preferably on a smartphone (optionally you can print it but there is no requirement to do so).

If you arrive without a copy we can still confirm your ticket purchase on our computer on the door, when presented with relevant ID (i.e. something with your name on it).


OK Breath. Just sit down, it's all going to be ok. If you have lost or not received your e-ticket please don’t panic.  I'll let you into a secret - it's all done on computers. We can check your name from a form of ID against our list on the night.  Are you going to be ok? Ok, well if you really need you can also send a suitably calm email to us.

If you bought the ticket from another site we may not have access to reissue the ticket and thus you will need to contact that site if you really, really want one.


Please contact the ticket vendor directly or us:



Sorry, we do not run an official ticket-return list for shows. We suggest you attempt to sell your tickets on privately through social media platforms.


If an event you have bought tickets for has been cancelled the venue and ticket company will email you and we will endeavour to refund you as soon as possible.


Due to the physical and load-bearing nature of walls, we are finding it increasingly difficult to raise the capacity of certain shows without the roof falling in.  Thus we can only offer a finite number of tickets to shows.  Occasionally this means we sell out of tickets, or we are “SOLD OUT” of tickets to coin a phrase.  It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just there isn’t enough room sorry.  We continue to work on a solution.

Honestly, truly nothing personal but if it says sold out it means it is sold out. Sorry and thank you.

I mean...I'm not sure if I'm saying this right...really, when we sell all the tickets for a show, it's sold out and we can't sell anymore. Nor can we make any more because we can't fit anymore people in comfortably, legally, or morally. We are really sorry.

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