Reducing The Venues Environmental Impact

The team at the Forum have recently been looking at our environmental impact and, in-particular, ways to reduce our waste output.

Since converting and repurposing the Tunbridge Wells commons old public toilets into what it is today, almost all of our rubbish has been recyclable - glass bottles, aluminium cans, paper and recently we have changed our plastic single-use cups to biodegradable cups. Our lighting system is now almost all modern LED and our loud speaker system has undergone an upgrade to make it a lot more efficient. We are currently better insulating the building against sound and heat loss and any wood you see in the building is recycled/up-cycled.

With your help we would like to do more. We are going to be trialing a few things over the next few months that we hope will help us all reduce our impact on the environment.


One big change to reduce our plastic waste will be the introduction of our new reusable cups. We hope that you will find these a lot more sturdy and better to drink out of then our current plastic and our biodegradable vegetable-starch based cups. For the moment the policy starting from 1st December 2019 will be the one in the image below.

image description


Currently at the end of a sold out night we have up to 250 A4 pieces of paper in the box office that are thrown away (although some are reused for writing set lists and bar orders on).

We are talking to the ticket company's we sell through about changing the wording on the e-tickets. You no longer need to print your ticket out. You can bring your e-ticket or purchase confirmation on your smart phone/device and we can scan and confirm your ticket through our computer system. Even if you don't have your ticket on you at all, we can still confirm your ticket with the use of your photo ID or checking the name and last four digits of the credit card number you used to purchase the tickets against our list.


We will be adding an optional donation to a Carbon Offsetting scheme on the checkout page as you purchase your ticket for a show. It will entirely be your choice if you wish to contribute in this way.

So please bear with us as we try to make these few changes. If you have any suggestions please email or contact us via social media. Thank you!

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