Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We are currently rescheduling as many shows as we can for later on in the year/next year. These will be announced over the next few days and weeks. Ticket buyers will be contacted.
If you have a ticket for a postponed show, that ticket will still be valid for the reschduled date and there is no need to have one reissued. If you can't make the new date and would like a refund please email and we will instruct the ticket company to make the refund as soon as we can. Money will be returned to you within a few working days of you contacting us.

LAST UPDATED TUE 15TH SEPT Subject to change..again and then again probably image description

POST 17 MARCH 2020

The last couple of weeks and especially the last few days have been stressful not only for us but for everyone. What a situation we find ourselves in. Its hard to grasp the magnitude of what we are all going through and we hope that for most of you, this isn’t a situation that is causing too much worry or grief for you and your loved ones.

We feel that it's important to tell you where we are at in regards to The Forum. We have spent every day discussing the possible outcome. Worst case and best case scenarios and everything in between.. and with the news delivered by our government this week, we have decided that the best thing to do is to (for the first time in over 27 years) close the doors of The Forum temporarily while we all try and get through this pandemic together. Its something we cannot believe we are doing but it's become inevitable and an unavoidable necessity that we can no longer avoid.

All events that are listed from now until April 5th will officially be postponed and unfortunately a couple of these may need to be cancelled.

If an event is postponed, we ask you that you hold on to your ticket until the new date has been put in place and we hope you can try your very best to make the new date. What does really help us as well as the artists playing is the support from the attendees to the shows and if its a show/event you can continue to support when we announce new dates, everyone involved will hugely appreciate that. Please come to the rescheduled show!

If an event is cancelled, we will make sure that a refund is processed. We do ask that while we sort through the events and get organised that you remain patient while these get processed. We are a very small team and at the moment, we are all getting pulled in every direction to handle this problem we are facing. So this is a temporary closure and we are putting dates in place, however, for the sake of being real with you, we are genuinely unsure if the date of reopening mentioned before will be the eventual date we are allowed to reopen. We will update you whenever we can and keep you all in the loop. And in respect of being honest with you, we are worried.

We run the venue with a small, part time and volunteer led group. The Forum is a registered charity and referred to as a Community Interest Company. What we do is manage and organise events on a shoe string budget and the money we earn to do that comes via the shows we put on. Without those shows, there is no money to reinvest into the venue and to support the projects and shows we enjoy together. We have also found ourselves in a situation where we are uncertain what kind of aid we will receive from the UK government to assist us with the major loss of business we will have to go through. So please keep your eyes open as we are going to be organising different ways to fundraise for The Forum.

Later today or tomorrow, we will be launching a brand new range of merchandise for the venue and we would appreciate if you could help us by picking up an item or two as it will help us getting back on our feet after everything settles down. Alternatively - if you aren’t looking for a new t-shirt or hat etc, we will also have donation options if you would just prefer to do that. However and whatever you choose to buy or donate, we want to thank you in advance for the love and support you give to our little venue on The Common.

Sincerely, we organise and put on everything for the people of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, East Sussex and beyond and it means the world just having you all visiting the venue. Many members of this team grew up in and around Kent and we decided to create and/or work with The Forum so we could bring great music & arts to this part of the South East and we feel that we have definitely done that.. and we promise, we intend to do that for the next 27 years! We will update you as much as we can.

Love The Forum cc xx

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