25th Anniversary - A message from The Forum

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2018 marks a very special landmark for our little venue on the hill. The Forum will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. We have been here through the rise of two and a half decades of bands. Literally thousands of musicians have performed on this stage (and the old stage too). We have seen many of the biggest acts in the UK and worldwide cut their teeth and learn their craft in this room and we have seen many of them come back to us to experience that Tunbridge Wells love….and we look forward to the next 25 years with just as much excitement.

Each year, we usually take the month of January to celebrate our birthday but since this is a big one… we are going to have an almighty YEAR long party. There are so many artists that want to come back (or get involved for the first time) and be part of the celebrations...and to be honest, one month simply isn’t going to suffice.

**>> Message from Mark Davyd - co-founder of The Forum - 25 years in a toilet. They'll probably write that on my tombstone. It would be impossible to describe all the experiences, the nights, the stories, the music and the people that the big pile of bricks on the common has given me. Keeping a music venue going these days isn't something anyone can do on their own, it takes a community. I'm incredibly proud of every single one of you that's been part of ours. Thank you. <> Message from Jason Dormon - co-founder of The Forum - Come and join us as the forum ventures it into adulthood ..we’ve had some trials and tribulations along the way, but we are indeed still here and with the teachings of every year passed and the hurdles conquered, the rewards get greater. The wonderful, the passionate, the music fans we meet, the artists their first gig ..their last and everything in between. .. ..energy cannot be destroyed and exists in many forms and we can create and curate a better positive world full of wonderful art together <

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