The Forum presents:

The Electric Rats

The Electric Rats

The Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells

Entry Requirements: 18+

Punk music exploded into the public consciousness in the late 70's, and became a major influence on the mainstream of UK culture through the 80's, 90's and beyond.

The Rats play music from those years; when US garage combos and girl groups influenced Iggy and the Dolls, before giving way to The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash. You can draw straight lines from the Sonics to DMZ, from MC5 and Stooges to Radio Birdman and from the NY Dolls to the Pistols.

We play songs for these 10 million rock n roll rats. A high-voltage set that, in true pied-piper style, will bring the rats into the streets one more time.

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The Electric Rats