The Forum presents:

SWiTCH presents: PLUMP DJS

Plump DJS + Tim Cullen

The Forum, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Entry Requirements: 18+
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The Plump DJs are internationally renowned DJ/Producer duo Andy Gardner and Lee Rous of London. Their unmistakable sound has won them remixes from the likes of Deadmou5, Mark Ronson, Moby and Orbital, whilst their four deck live show has led to countless international and national shows. Their innovative production style, and skillfull delivery is consistently embraced on the world circuit. Londons premier music lead venues XOYO and The Nest, are the current platform on which the duo develop their sound. Self admitted suckers for bass and 'the groove', Gardner and Rous fuse Electro-house, Rave, Acid House, Breakbeat and Techno into their own style they call 'Plump Music', the defining ethos for their recently formed Grand Hotel record label.

They have received worldwide acclaim and relentless cross genre support for some 15 years now.. The Plump DJs have a compelling history of success, cemented by their musical collaborations with legendary vocalists Gary Numan, Jermaine Jackson and Louise Rhodes of Lamb, a ten year residency at Fabric Nightclub and over 1200 international shows.

They are true innovators of sound who proudly co-created the popular break-beat genres of the last decade with their initial releases on Fingerlickn’ Records. They are pioneers of production whose shared passion for electronic music and the art of making people dance has inspired a generation of dance floor destroying experiments. The ever-evolving sound of Plump DJs continues to be met with enthusiasm from discerning dance music fans worldwide.

The duo are booked throughout 2013 internationally, touring Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and their beloved UK. Prioritising regular shows at Londons XOYO and The Nest whilst maintaining a prolific release program on Grand Hotel records.

Line Up

Plump DJS
Tim Cullen