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Higgs & The Bosons

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Higgs and the Bosons

What do you do when you emerge as the battle-scarred survivors of corporal punishment, processed food, leaded petrol fumes, cycling without helmets, driving without seatbelts, socially obligatory smoking and imminent cold war annihilation? You count your blessings because you are clearly very lucky individuals. Then you form a band and share that experience. Higgs and the Bosons is the sound of an angry generation tinged with relief that they made it this far. They are that thing you were thinking, but louder.

With support from The Loud Trousers

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The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is the world’s most sophisticated and expensive high-energy physics experiment, exploring the very nature and structure of matter itself at the most fundamental level. Fortunately, Higgs and the Bosons were born of a simpler, cheaper experiment mostly involving beer and music but high energy is still the name of the game. With influences as diverse as the Small Faces and Nirvana, from the Black Keys to the Sex Pistols, Higgs and the Bosons use hard-nosed pub-rock to question the fundamental nature of teenage children, parental angst and the sub-atomic structure of growing old disgracefully. Above all, the band are about having fun, playing a mix of covers and originals that everyone can enjoy. Keep in touch on Facebook!

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