The Forum presents:

Lady Bird - Sold OUt


The Forum, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 16s accompanied by an adult)
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The Forum presents

LADY BIRD plus guests DITZ & SCOWL

Line Up

Lady Bird Hailing from what they call the velvet trench of Tunbridge Wells, Lady Bird look set to excite audiences with an eloquent twist on punk. The boys smirk about the stagnant charm of their home town. 'It doesn't go anywhere,' says Joe (drummer), 'It's solid ground.' Fronting the three piece is Don Rennols. His lipstick clad geezy front might explain the band's name. The self-dubbed king-of-the-riff-raff admits he's always been a show off, 'ever since ever!' There's a comic behind the wit. When asked about interests and inspirations Alex (guitarist) says, 'Between us we've played a lot of styles and our tastes cover too much to box, but together I think we put out a sound that nods to punk and maybe uk hip hop primarily. I guess they're linked on some level by attitude.' They sit holding hands, seemingly committed to sharing a grin.

noise rock / post-hardcore

"Careening out of Brighton at a ferocious pace, DITZ combine feedback noodling oddness, enormous hardcore inspired riffs and a rather sardonic vocal delivery that creates a sound that is so ferocious and tongue in cheek, that it is the perfect salve for those bored with po faced humourless groups. Somehow they sound both world weary and invigored. The result is a sound that possesses real, intrinsic purpose and vigour. Seriously, they’re as of now one of our favourite bands." - Overblown

"DITZ build into a fuzzy overdriven noisy, oscillating distortion with a heart-pounding framework for the fuzz loaded craftsmanship"

"DITZ, a band hell bent on wrecking your ear a good way." - Give It Back Magazine

"Vocals cut through to the soul like a dagger through a small cake, and when coupled with riffs so heavy I may have shat myself" - The Pentatonic

SCOWL, A Grunge/Punk outfit from Kent. Bringing anger, confusion and chaos with their heavy riffs, hard hitting drums and intense energy.

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