The Forum presents:

Local & Live 2019 - Friday Night

THE BUZZARDS + Higgs & The Bosons + Crystalate + Jack Leon Mackey + The Blue Orchid Bouquet

The Forum, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Donations on the door.
Entry Requirements: 16+

We come rocking into Local & Live 2019 with the first of the After Show parties, for full band details see the Local & Live website

Line Up


‘Thou shalt not ignore us,’ reads the first commandment of Higgs and the Bosons. We are not here to provide atmosphere. We do not make muzak to be prattled over as you whine about the inadequacies of your dull life.

Our mission is to grab you by the throat and force you to listen until we stride off stage brandishing those precious minutes of your life we openly stole and you can never get back.

Not for us a minor-key reflection on the internalised insecurities of your existence cooked up on an acoustic guitar in a student bedsit. Or the mind-numbing banalities of existential unease as the world thunders past your window like a freight train plunging into the night.

With hooks you cannot ignore and rhythms that get under your skin like pustulating sores, we snatch your attention and rattle that smug self confidence with unsettling visions of the person you might be, but failed to notice.

Higgs and the Bosons are that thing you ought to see the doctor about but you’ve been ignoring because it might be serious. We dare you to come and see us. We dare you to try avoid us.

Crystalate are a two piece EDM / Indie song based band from Kent, who present a layered, dark edged, atmospheric sound with strong vocal presence. Influences range from Underworld and Joy Division to NIN and Tubeway Army. Both band members have previously played in alternative / indie bands and this incarnation sees them return to their electronic musical roots.

Jack Leon Mackey

The Blue Orchid Bouquet is a 3 piece band originating from Tunbridge Wells. They began creating music together in 2018 and have been performing ever since. Most notably, they played a stable show at The Forum in February of 2019 and took part in 2019's UNFEST, where they delivered a mixture of originals and classic covers, such as Talking Head's Psycho Killer. To get in contact or follow them for updates, they are available on Instagram @blueorchidbouquet

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