The Forum presents:

INK (Dougie Poynter from Mcfly)

INK + John Buckley

The Forum, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Entry Requirements: 16+
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INK is the brand new band for Dougie Poynter from Mcfly. Tickets are on sale Friday 23rd March at 9am

London-based alt-rock trio, INK. was formed in London, England in 2017 by three friends: vocalist/guitarist Todd Dorigo from Manchester England; vocalist/bassist Dougie Poynter from London, England; and drummer Corey Alexander from Leeds, England.

Creating a sonic that can only be described as alternative rock meets grunge, classic rock and new age, the members of INK. are heavily influenced by a range of artists, from The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave and Nirvana to the writings of Alan Ginsberg, Vladimir Nabokov, and Jack Kerouc - often contrasting their pop-influenced hooks and bass driven verses with lyrics covering topics of anxiety, love and coming of age.

After consistently seeing each other at fashion events throughout London, Milan and Paris, Dougie and Todd, who each knew of each other as musicians and shared a common bond over their love for Ralph Steadman and the Beat Generation, decided one evening over a Sunday roast that they should pick up a guitar and write a tune or two. Their first few songs came out so well, that they decided to join forces as a band. Shortly after, Corey, who both Dougie and Todd knew individually as one of the best drummers in England, joined the band.

The band's name ("INK.") is a nod to Ralph Steadman, a Welsh illustrator best known for his ink-heavy pieces – pieces that inspired Dougie and Todd during the writing process.

INK.'s first EP, HEAVEN, released globally on March 14, 2018 featuring the songs “SYMPHONY WOMAN", and "BACK TO THE NOISE" and the lead tracks, "FEVER" and “HEAVEN”.

Line Up

John Buckley

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