The Forum presents:

The Stable

Orange Bomb + The Mystic Shed + Paperfriend + Shape

The Forum, Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Entry Requirements: 16+
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We are celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2018 and as well as all of the established touring acts we are bringing in to the venue throughout the year, we wanted to also focus our energy on setting up opportunities for new bands and musicians to play the venue that play original music.

Line Up

In 2015 a beanpole and a chest of drawers decided to form a band, and went about sounding like utter drivel and donning dodgy haircuts. After a horrific performance at a summer fayre, the duo pulled their socks up, let their hair down, and wazzed out some ear plugs to turn it up to eleven.

A year and a bit of jamming and numerous performances later, the two teens from the birthplace of rock and roll itself, Bexhill-on-Sea, are at their best yet: playing loud enough for an exams officer to burst into their rehearsal room, clutching her ears, screaming "STOP STOP, FOR GOD'S SAKE". This is a good sign that things are well.

With numerous songs written and covered, few of them being recorded decently, and even less actually being released for public ear-holes, The Mystic Shed hope you enjoy listening to our stuff. Or at least pretend to. Cheers!

Kit and Tom

Paperfriend are an alternative band from Kent, drawing influences from British bands such as Twin Atlantic, Deaf Havana and Biffy Clyro.


Hi, we’re Ethan, Sam, Alfredo and Ollie and we’re SHAPE, a 4 piece high-energy rock band from Kent. When we are out of school, we’re gigging, practising and recording. Hoping to get back into the studio sometime soon to put our first EP together. We are super pleased with the way some of our new numbers are ‘shaping’ up. Really looking forward to coming down to The Forum again – what a great venue and really looking forward to seeing you all down there too. It’s going to be good.

While we’re all waiting, check out what we have been up to and get to some sounds:

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