INDEPENDENT VENUE WEEK – Monday 25th January – Sunday 31st January 2016

(c) Carolyn Gray

BLAM VS STINGER ROUND 2 – Saturday 16th January 2016

(c) Molly Smith

LOWER THAN ATLANTIS – Monday 16th February 2015

(c) Simon Partington

THE AUTUMN RAVINE – Monday 16th February 2015

(c) Simon Partington

PALMA VIOLETS – Friday 13th February 2015

(c) Lauren Towner – Links to an external site



SLAVES – Thursday 12th February 2015

(c) Lauren Towner – Links to an external site


STUART WORSELL (Saturday 17th January 2015)

(c) Nigel Martin


(c) Robert Sutton

ROYAL BLOOD – Monday 24th February 2014

(c) Grace Olivia



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