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Monday 26th Jan – Sunday 2nd Feb 2015
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Wednesday 11th February

Mesmerising, dark, eerie and completely captivating – Matt Berry, the star and co-writer of Channel Four comedy Toast of London, will be performing a set of songs drawn from his highly rated recent albums Witchazel and Kill The Wolf coupled with some of his early classics.

Matt Berry says: “It’s difficult to find the time to play the music between the comedy, so every break from filming leaves me itching to record or perform new material. Whenever I get the opportunity, I jump at it.”

His latest album, the side-project synth-prog opus Music for Insomniacs, on which matt plays every instrument featured just two twenty three minute tracks recorded as Berry drew on his own personal experience aiming to create a sound to cure sleep deprivation. The album has since been described by many, including NME, as far ‘too good to fall asleep to’.


palma-violets-announcmentTHE PALMA VIOLETS

Friday 13th February

In September 2011 if you wanted to hear the most exciting new band in Britain, rather than searching online you knocked on a tall black door off the Lambeth Road. Part art studio, part squat – Studio 180 was where south London’s thrilling rock’n’roll four-piece Palma Violets were holed-up writing songs their friends could dance to and throwing celebratory, ecstatic parties about which word quickly spread.

The opposite of the last significant development in English guitar music when the Arctic Monkeys became the first “Myspace band”, harnessing the power of the internet and prompting BBC documentaries and convulsions in major record labels, the Palma Violets’ rise has been notable by their total avoidance of the worldwide web. In fact until a couple of months ago, they had no online presence, no music recorded, and no press team working for them, this wasn’t the product of some fiendishly counter-intuitive marketing strategy, it was because all they cared about was playing shows.


tiger-cub-announcmentTIGER CUB

Wednesday 25 February

After touring the UK with Royal Blood and becoming Zane Lowe’s “Next Hype” on Radio 1, Brighton’s grunge-pop trio Tigercub are on track to become one of 2015ʼs breakthrough acts.

“Tigercubʼs chugging new single is a sleazy grind of guitars thatʼs as brutal as it is poppy” – NME On Repeat

“A blood thirsty call from the wild heralding another grunge revival, bristling with irresistible pop hooks.” – Q

“This is the start of something” – Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1


lta-announcmentLOWER THAN ATLANTIS

**Second Night Added

Monday 16th February

Due to popular demand, we’ve added another date for alternative rock band Lower Than Atlantis.